Below you will find samples of social media posts that can be paired with graphics or videos of your choice. We’ve provided a number of graphics for your convenience. The hashtags #InfrastructureNow and #TimeToBuild are being used by allied coalitions and will increase the overall reach of your posts. Feel free to tag us (@HwyMatGroup) so we can help spread the message!


  • How much is traffic costing you? The average American spends roughly 42 hours stuck in traffic & $1,600 in wasted fuel costs & car damages every year. #InfrastructureNOW #TimeToBuild @NSSGA
  • We’re pleased to join @TRUCKINGdotORG & others call on @POTUS & Congress to fund & pass #InfrastructureNOW #TimeToBuild
  • America’s crumbling roads & bridges cost too much already. Now’s the #timetobuild smarter & stronger than ever #InfrastructureNOW
  • Don’t let crumbling roads keep you from experiencing life’s milestones. We’re calling on Washington to come together now – because life won’t wait.  #infrastructureNOW #TimeToBuild
  • #DidYouKnow – The last time the Highway Trust Fund was increased was 14 years before the 1st iPhone. Since then, our lives have sped up while our infrastructure has stalled. #InfrastructureNOW #TimeToBuild
  • America’s infrastructure is costing all of us in vehicle damage, wasted time & quality of life. We need comprehensive, sustained #infrastructureNOW! #TimeToBuild